Holly Simon

My husband and I have lived in Evergreen/Conifer area of Colorado for over 30 years, prior to that all over the state of Colorado.

I have always enjoyed photography especially in the mountains with all of the wildlife. I started photographing when scuba diving; being underwater seeing the colors of the reefs and fish just opens your eyes to the beauty of the ocean. Then looking and seeing, and realizing photo opportunities are always around us in this beautiful state of Colorado we just need to take time too see them, and always have your camera with you and ready.  I love the mountains, the peace and tranquility and count my blessings everyday.  In our spare time we work in the community with several charities. My motto is “putting smiles on faces using my camera lens”.

You may have seen my photos published in local magazines, calendars or art shows in the Denver area, including the state capital, Denver library and other local places.